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Biometric and Single Factor Authentication
Rory | 4 October
The latest and greatest of tech wizardry includes biometric authentication. While unlocking a phone with just a touch seems like magical convenience, there are potential downsides for security and privacy. We tend to have faith in the uniqueness of things like fingerprints and assume that using a biometric element like that will guarantee security. The practical reality is a little more complex.
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Twitter Verification: Curse of the Blue Check Mark
Rachel | 10 September
Twitter verification is more brand than process, which is why it hurts you when it's applied and hurts even more when it comes off. True verification of identity uses evidence to confirm facts which are then used to produce verification. Twitter on the other hand uses an inconsistent and opaque verification procedure of its own invention, one which remains a source of both conjecture and comedy.
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No Man's Sky : NEXT
Rachel | 22 August
In solipsism, solitude was a luxury we took for granted. NEXT has arrived to save No Man's Sky by offering the true multiplayer experience players have long demanded. You can now play with friends and foe alike; build and explore together. New players are now enjoying the game in record numbers but NEXT is also creating a new group of extremely dedicated solo players.
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Rory | 14 August
Last year a friend and former co-worker was looking for volunteers to help her son's team, the Nashwaaksis Dragons, competing in the Cyber Patriot competition. I'm a firm believer that young people should be introduced to cybersecurity early on so, I threw my hat into the ring.
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