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GTA Hydroponics is Canada’s premiere provider of hydroponic systems and supplies. We stock everything needed to create both high-end and beginner hydroponic growing set-ups, including accessories, lighting, expert ventilation and much more. At GTA Hydroponics, we don’t just stock these supplies, we use them too.  This makes us our customers’ go-to source for supplies and expert growing recommendations!

Grow Lights

Hydroponic plants require much of the same treatment as any other plant and this includes adequate lighting. Because having your plants outside is not an ideal situation, GTA Hydroponics provides everything you need to create a well-lit and flourishing system that mimics sunshine without the difficulties of growing outside. Our lights and lighting accessories include:

  • Ballasts
  • Grow Light Kits
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • HID Reflectors
  • Lamps
  • LED Lighting
  • Lighting Accessories

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Measuring Devices

Creating optimal conditions in your hydroponic garden relies heavily on using the proper measuring devices. While you can do everything possible to get your humidity, ventilation and pH balance in order, you can’t replicate results unless you can accurately measure the levels of these elements. GTA Hydroponics makes it easy to get the best results with professional-grade measuring tools, including:

  • pH measuring devices
  • EC measuring devices
  • Light meter
  • Multi-measuring devices
  • Thermometers
  • Hygrometers
  • Weighing systems


Proper ventilation is an integral part of keeping your plants and your entire system healthy. With GTA Hydroponics ventilation components, you’re able to mimic and even outshine the natural air conditions of outside growing, which is the ideal environment for maximum growth. By adding ventilation, your plants will get the necessary movement they would get from circulating wind outside. Consider each of these ventilation components to work in conjunction with humidifiers and air conditioning:

  • Fans
  • Sound absorbers
  • Air filters
  • Ventilation parts


Don’t waste a good crop on inferior processing equipment! GTA Hydroponics offers the ultimate selection of harvesting systems and processing gear available to make your job easier and your products better. Choose from drying systems which ensure the safety of your plants along with high-grade clipping and trimming devices.

  • Harvesting systems
  • extractors
  • presses
  • dry nets


Proper storage is imperative to maintaining the quality and integrity of your crops. Even after proper drying, your plants are vulnerable to losing their potency if exposed to air and light. To ensure this doesn’t happen, GTA Hydroponics offers a selection of quality storage items that are perfect for maintaining both large and small amounts of dried product. Our plastic bags can even be cut and customized to size, producing an airtight closure when sealed with heat. Shop all of these products for your storage needs:

  • Airtight Containers
  • Tobacco Pouches
  • Large and Small Plastic Bags


You’ve put a lot of thought and hard work into your hydroponic system so don’t let that effort go to waste with inferior assembly tools and hardware! GTA Hydroponics provides everything you need to create secure, reliable systems with professional grade products, including:

  • Mounting Hardware
  • Drills, Pliers and Other Specialty Tools
  • Liquid and Tape Adhesives


Get safe, secure electrical components with our battery, cable and hardware offerings. We cater to both large and small operations, stocking options to power all our electrical needs. We offer both new systems and replacement electrical parts, including:

  • SAS Cables
  • Electric Batteries
  • Protective Clamps
  • Contacts


Optimize your plants’ growing environment with premium control devices. Monitor and program a variety of functions to make your job easier and your plants’ growth capabilities stronger. Customize and control your grow system with these devices:

  • Time Switches
  • Speed controllers
  • Thermostats
  • Hygrostats
  • multi-control units
  • Fertilisation computers
  • Alarm controllers

Air Conditioning

With GTA Hydroponics’ superior air conditioning components, you can further customize and optimize your grow system. Adding CO2 specifically, will lead to a more natural growing environment and higher yields on each crop. Add all of these components to your grow system for the best results:

  • CO2 Systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Heating Devices
  • Neutralisers


GTA Hydroponics carries everything needed for both hydroponic and aeroponic systems. Irrigation systems and water purification allow you to provide your plants with healthy, clean water to reduce the chances of bacteria growth and drying out. We also carry a full range of breeding stations to create the ideal environment for new growth. System accessories, including storage tanks, nutrient pumps and dehumidifiers give you greater control over your plants’ environment and growth. Shop all our hydroponic and aeroponic systems:

  • Breeding stations
  • Aeroponic Systems
  • Hydroponic systems
  • System accessories
  • Irrigation systems
  • Water purification


Grow Boxes and Kits

GTA Hydroponics makes indoor growing easier than ever with our kits and grow boxes. Grow boxes are quick to set up and offer an ideal environment for your plants to grow and develop. These are reusable, fool-proof and include everything you need for simple growing. We offer both our kits and grow boxes in a variety of price points to make growing possible for hobbyists and professionals.

Gardening Tools and Greenhouses

Our collection of gardening tools and equipment is designed to make your hydroponic growing easy and effective. Never deal with subpar supplies or tools designed for other types of gardening again! Utilize our affordable gardening aids to get better crops with minimal effort. Choose from:

  • Gardening aids
  • greenhouses
  • Pots
  • Bowls
  • Saucers

Soil Substrates and Active Agents

Our premium soil substrates and supplies give your plants an ideal environment to take root and flourish. Choose from a variety of mixes and containers to optimize your growing area and resources.

Use our active agents to provide your plants with maximum nutrition and keep bugs away. Each of our agents are designed to protect your plants and promote healthy growth.

Marketing and Sales

GTA Hydroponics offers a rotating list of specials on products and equipment you use every day for your indoor growing! We help make hydroponic growing even more cost-effective while allowing you to try out new products for less.

Check out our marketing power services to learn more about the growing and selling process. Utilize the trusted reputation of GTA Hydroponics to up your own credibility as a grower!

Have marketing or product questions? Contact GTA Hydroponics through our convenient form or call us at +1 (234) 567 8910 to speak with a knowledgeable representative.  We’re available to give professional advice and information about all of our products to ensure you get optimal growth with minimal effort!

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