About Us

At GTA Hydroponics, we aren’t just hydroponic suppliers, we’re growers ourselves. Unlike many other hydroponic supply dealers, we have personal, hands-on knowledge of each component of our systems because we’ve used them! This allows us to test and stock only the best hydroponic equipment.

A Commitment to Superior and Affordable Growing

We’re true believers in the power and benefits of hydroponic growing and this is why we make it our goal to offer superior equipment at all price-points. When you shop our site, you can rest assured that each product is tested for quality, accuracy and ease of use. Whether you’re a novice grower just starting out or a burgeoning professional supplier, we offer cost-effective options for you.

Our premium, high-end growing systems and kits offer additional benefits, easy setup and other factors that make them perfect for professionals. However, you can also find exceptional value and good-performance in our economical choices in each of our product categories. We do this to ensure we can spread the good word about hydroponics and never discourage a grower due to costs.

Promoting the Advantages of Hydroponic Growing

With up to a 50% faster growth rate compared to soil gardening, hydroponics offers several huge benefits. GTA Hydroponics is committed to helping you get the most out of these advantages, including:

Clean Slate for Greater Control

Unlike traditional planting, hydroponics allows you to start with all new, fresh soil. This allows you greater control over what goes in your plants, and what you keep out of them. Additionally, we help you monitor and enhance nutrients and pH levels with our products and measuring devices.

Cost-Effective and Water-Efficient Growing

By using our high-quality, affordable products and systems, growers are able to keep initial costs down while also avoiding repairs and replacement part issues later. Having a well-designed system that is maintained with our products, also reduces water usage for even more cost savings for you and the environment!

Easier Growing with Less Maintenance

GTA Hydroponics’ systems make hydroponic growing even easier with our selection of all-inclusive kits and one-stop-shopping experience. Add to this the already reduced maintenance of hydroponic growing and you’ll wonder why anyone would consider traditional planting ever again!

Better Yields with Better Systems

A superior system created from professional-grade equipment is key to getting better plants and higher yields. GTA Hydroponics makes it our goal to provide our growers with a selection of trusted products designed to do just this. We carry many name brands and offer quality guarantees to give you even better peace of mind.

Let’s Grow Together!

GTA Hydroponics is passionate about what we grow and what we sell. We encourage growers to explore our site to find our curated selection of products, many of which we’ve personally used in our growing systems. We love to hear from fellow enthusiasts, and welcome any questions, comments and suggestions on our Contact Us page. GTA Hydroponics looks forward to growing with you!