Active Agents

Active Agents

Provide optimal nutrients, lights and other benefits with our range of measuring tools and equipment designed to perfect growing conditions. By using these advanced measuring devices, you’ll be able to better monitor and replicate growth while making your job easier. GTA Hydroponics provides everything you need for proper measuring, including:

pH measuring devices

Use our pH measuring tools to ensure your plants receive the right balance of acidity to maximize their nutrient absorption.

EC measuring devices

Use this measuring instrument to determine salt levels in the soil. This will tell you your plant’s ability to absorb water.

Light meter

Our light meter measuring instrument is the ideal tool to ensure your plants get the light spectrum they need to flourish.

Multi-measuring devices

Create detailed measurements of multiple factors with our multiple-measuring devices. These are ideal for monitoring several factors at once while making optimal growth simpler.


Similar to taking your own temperature, thermometers help to monitor the health of your plants, their environment and their soil.


These specialized measuring devices are used to determine humidity levels in the air. While plants need moisture, the humidity can get too high for good growth, so these are an important part of your measuring system.

Weighing Systems

Obtain accurate measurements down to the gram for dried product. Never lose product or money over subpar weighing systems again.

Measuring devices make up an important part of successful indoor growing. With GTA Hydroponics’ range of measuring tools and equipment, you’ll be afforded the most accurate counts on all humidity, temperature, nutrients and other vital elements. This is imperative for getting the best yields and creating consistent results across multiple crops.

To get started with growing in the best controlled and measured way, shop our measuring tool section or contact us to receive expert advice and recommendations for your system.