CO2 Systems

To understand the importance of a co2 system, first look at what is CO2? CO2 is short for “Carbon Dioxide,” and plants use it as part of a process of making energy from light known as photosynthesis. Using the correct amount of CO2 can help boost plant production and improve crop yield. GTA Hydroponics offers a wide variety of systems to help with this function.

What is CO2 now in the environment and what is needed for a healthy crop?

The atmosphere currently has a CO2 concentration of 390 parts per million. Normal fresh air is between 320 and 500 ppm. In order to yield a good crop, a stable CO2 condition for cannabis plants is 1000-1500 ppm. Even then, using a ventilation system to monitor correct CO2 levels would be ideal. Circulating a fresh supply of air can help to maintain optimal levels, ensuring that the plant can thrive and yield a good crop. Continuing the supply and circulation of air allow the plants to continue making energy and food they need to grow.

CO2 System Parts

CO2 boost pail and pump

CO2 boost systems with naturally generating CO2; this system comes with a bucket and a pump. CO2 is a natural product that is required for plants to grow healthy and yield a good crop. Plants only absorb CO2 when exposed to light so it is recommended that the pump be turned off at night. For maximum results, place the hose above the plants and let it hang down.

CO2 tablets

For use during the “grow and blooming” phase. Even though plants take in nutrients through the leaves, it is also important to maintain a good root system for the plant to thrive. By including tablets into the soil, this helps the root system increase, creating a larger crop size with a potentially larger yield

Hotbox CO2 generator

Increases CO2 concentration to 1000 ppm achieving the ideal conditions for growth. Runs on propane or natural gas. Simply supply, plug in and switch on.

For more information on any of our CO2 systems, contact GTA Hydroponics. Our experts are here to make your growing easier and better!