Heating Devices

Heating Rod, with built-in temperature control, 500W


Heating Mat, large, 120 x 60 cm, 150 W, 230 V, with Schuko plug


Heating Rod, with built-in temperature control, 300 W


Heating Rod, with built-in temperature control, 200 W


Heating Rod, with built-in temperature control, 100 W


Heating Rod, stainless steel, with external controller for temperature adjustment, 300 W


Heating Mat, 40 W, 45 x 65 cm


Heating Mat, 35 W, 30 x 70 cm


Heating Mat, 30 W,30 x 50 cm


Careful and precise monitoring of heat conditions is required for good crop yield and maintaining an environment of 21 to 35 degrees Celsius will make a significant difference. Colder temperatures can place the plants into shock while higher temps will slow growth during the flowering stage, reducing the potency of your crop. GTA Hydroponics has both heating devices and tools to monitor heat, to create ideal growing conditions.

A common issue with indoor growers is dealing with too much heat and high ambient temperatures. The size of the room plays a large role in the growth of healthy crops. Many growers use lights that can get very hot; combining this with tight spaces can lead to a rise in temperature. To yield a healthy crop it is beneficial to not crowd your plants.

Heating Mats

Used during the colder months, these mats are used to keep the root system from getting too cold. Placing these warmers under the seeding tray can give the plants the required heat they need to continue growing.

Heating Rods

Heating rods can be used when space is tight. Easy to use for basic beginners to expert level growers, these rods can be placed in anyway and almost anywhere to assist in a healthy growing crop during all phases of growth.

Catalytic heating

These propane style heaters should be used in a well-ventilated area, and used in greenhouses only. They use a catalytic burner and have a thermostatic control to range your heat from 2-25 degrees C. These heaters are energy saving and efficient with non-toxic carbon monoxide emissions.

Electric fan heater

Electric fan heaters are a good option for beginners and experts alike. These heaters have thermostatic control levels, and can be mounted on the floor or wall for added convenience.

Not sure exactly what kind of heating device is right for your system? Call the experts at GTA Hydroponics for knowledgeable, professional advice!