Replacement membrane for humidifier 102116 and 102115


Ventilution ultrasound humidifier, 8 L, runtime 16 h


Ventilution maxi Mist Maker, 9 membranes, incl. transformer, 36 V, 250 W, 6,5 A, UK plug


Ventilution maxi Mist Maker, 5 membranes, incl. transformer, 24 V, 120 W, 4,5 A, UK plug


Ventilution maxi Mist Maker, 3 membranes, incl. transformer, 24 V, 75 W, 3,5 A, UK plug


Ventilution mini Mist Maker, 1 membrane, incl. transformer, 24 V, 12 W, 0,45 – 0,5 A, UK plug


Ventilution floating ring for maxi Mist Maker, 9 membranes (107504)


Ventilution floating ring for maxi Mist Maker, 5 membranes (107503)


Ventilution floating ring for maxi Mist Maker, 3 membranes (107502)


One requirement for growing a healthy crop that is commonly overlooked is humidity. Not many people realize just how important humidity is to plants, in all stages of growth. All require water. To ensure a healthy crop, monitoring the humidity and how much water is used in the soil is very important.

If the humidity is high, cannabis plants will use their leaves to absorb water from the air, and this forces the plant to drink less from their roots. This can affect the amount of nutrients the plants take in from the soil. If plants take in less water from the soil, it can also affect their ability to make sugar, slowing down their production of energy. An important factor to keep in mind is that not every plant is the same. Some need different levels of water, nutrients, and humidity to yield a healthy crop. GTA Hydroponics premium humidifiers are the answer to make sure your crop is healthy and well-hydrated!

What Can Lack of Humidity Cause?

Some of the conditions that can develop when there is too much humidity are mold, white mildew, fungus, and malnutrition. Too little humidity, and the crop can dry out and die before it is ready to harvest.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers use vibration to transfer energy, increasing the rate of evaporation. These humidifiers are required for improved air quality and a healthy crop yield. During the heating period of the growth cycle, the humidity can drop below recommended levels between 45-55%, using a humidifier can help to hydrate your crop properly while improving air quality of your grow room.

Added benefits to ultrasonic types of humidifiers include features such as automatic shutoff and leak proof containers. The humidity level of output is also adjustable to best suit the growing area. Because ultrasonic humidifiers do not require a fan or a filter, this humidifier is cost effective for the grower.

Warm Mist

These humidifiers heat the water to a high temperature, to produce steam. This can be used when warmer moist air is required.


These humidifiers use fans to create water in the form of vapor. A saturated wicking material is used, and the fan pulls dry air in creating a vapor in the process.

Shop GTA Hydroponics full range of humidifiers to find the one perfect for your system. Call our expert team if you have any questions about which humidifier is right for you.