VAPORTEK Heavy Duty Cartridge, high-performance cartridge for odor neutralization, neutral


VAPORTEK Membrane 2-cell, long, neutral


Refill for ‘The Neutralizer’ Road Kit, 100 ml


The Neutralizer Road-Kit, professional odour eliminator


Refill for ‘The Neutralizer Compact-Kit’, 40 ml


The Neutralizer Compact-Kit, professional odour eliminator


Refill for ‘The Neutralizer’, 100 ml


The Neutralizer, professional odour eliminator


Vaportek Smell-Away, Odor, Blocks 7 x 10 g / can


While cannabis requires some ventilation (circulation of air), this can lead to odors leaking to outdoors. A variety of problems can arise because of this. Neighbors can become annoyed and your crops may even be targeted for theft.  Neutralizers help, as their name implies, neutralize that smell for your peace of mind and comfort.

To properly control the odors, the approach will vary on the size of the growth space. A small space with few plants is easier to control and conceal than a larger area with multiple plants. With larger, more populated indoor growing areas, growers should consider the use of neutralizers to help conceal their crop from unwanted attention. Consider these neutralizer options:

ONA gel

Odor neutralizers work by binding with the smells released by the plants. Often, these neutralizers have strong fragrance added to them to help cover up scent. This easy to use jar helps by neutralizing the smell without replacing the smell of the room. It last for about 4 to 6 weeks in small grow rooms.

Professional Neutralizer and odor eliminator

These neutralizers are effective and fast, and can be used whether you are a beginner or advanced grower. Neutralizers use highly efficient compounds that bond to the scent and remove it. An oil based compound with natural ingredients is essential when wanting to keep odors under control, and keep your grow room away from unwanted attention.

Benefits of neutralizers include

  • low energy cost
  • equipment is refillable
  • replaceable filters.

GTA Hydroponics carries a variety of neutralizers to fit with any space. With proper neutralization, you can get the kind of ventilated environment perfect for your plants while controlling odors to a point that neighbors will never become bothered by or alerted to your grow system. For help with choosing the right neutralizer for you, contact GTA Hydroponics for expert advice!