GTA Hydroponics offers everything you need to create consistent, controlled growing conditions for your plants. This helps you reach the of mimicking outdoor growing conditions. With our control devices you’ll be able to maintain proper temperatures and other factors while avoiding the issues associated with traditional cultivation. Our control devices include:

Time Switches

Choose from a wide range of programmable timers to fit any budget. Use these for precise scheduling to create the most uniform and healthy growth.


Get optimal speedcontrol from our range of controllers designed to be used with fans and air filters.


Keep your plants at optimal temperatures with our accurate, programmable thermostats. Choose from high-end models with multiple settings or get reliable basics.


Use this in conjunction with our heating devices to regulate humidity. Our premium hygrostats accurately sense humidity in the air and operates the heating elements as needed.

Multi-Control Units

Make climate control and other elements easy with our multi-control units. Use these to regulate climate control by controlling fans, heating devices and more. Fertilisation Computers: Ensure your plants get the right fertilisation at the right time with our advanced fertilisation computers. Quickly set timing schedules and sensors to create superior growing capabilities.

Alarm Controllers

Catch leaks, disruptions and other issues before they become disasters with our advanced alarm controllers designed to give you peace of mind and better growing.

Having control over the growing environment is one of the most critical elements of professional and hobby growing. While you can decent results without control devices, it’s much more difficult and the yields will not be inferior. However, smaller, personal growing systems can often get away with less and still produce quality product. If you’re unsure about which control devices you need, we encourage you to contact our GTA Hydroponics experts for professional recommendations.