Ensure the electrical components for your hydroponic lighting and other devices is in perfect working order with GTA Hydroponics professional-grade cables, batteries and more. We test and stock only the best products in each of our categories and pay special attention to our electrical offerings.

Importance of Quality Electrical Work for Your Hydroponic System

While each element in a grow system plays an important role, electrical components require special attention. When not setup properly, your electrical work can cause major problems, damage and other difficulties. Specifically, your SAS cable should be checked often to look for signs of wear to avoid service interruption. Similarly, your electrical lighting should be inspected regularly and kept in good working conditions to avoid overheating, fires and crop damage. Avoid these issues with all of our electrical product offerings, including:

Electric hardware

We offer small, premium electric hardware parts including protective contacts, and clamps. Along with quality, safety is a major focus of our electrical offerings and we include protective elements whenever possible for all of our hardware.

Wires and Cables

Our professional quality SAS cable and wires help to handle both small and large voltage needs. We sell wires and cables that are built to last so you keep costs down and not be caught with non-functioning units.

Electric Battery Options

Our electric battery offerings are perfect for a variety of growing systems and can be used to run your generators, lights and other necessary components. Electric also cuts down on fuel use associated with gas-powered generators.

Get expert advice and recommendations for your electrical components from GTA Hydroponics. We’re your premiere source for both hydroponic supplies, systems and all necessary components. Contact us with any questions, concerns or product suggestions.