Grow Lights

Grow Lights

A major part of creating a successful hydroponic system, is being able to mimic the benefits and effects of natural light. GTA Hydroponics stocks a wide range of grow light options to make this possible and ensure both small and large hydroponic systems are able to yield their highest and healthiest crops. Consider all of our grow light options, including:

Light Ballast

A light ballast helps to regulate fluorescent grow lights, allowing them to start and maintain an even current. Without a ballast, you would see a fluorescent grow lamp taking up more and more current as it operates, causing a quick burnout.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent grow lamp lights have a variety of advantages, including being an affordable-option over other lighting sources. They are also more energy efficient and provide a wide spectrum to mimic sunlight.

LED Grow Lights

While not the cheapest option, LED grow lights are easier to use and require less setup. They also allow for greater light penetration, resulting in healthier, greener plants.

Light Reflector

Reflectors work in conjunction with HID lighting which doesn’t point directly at plants and, instead, gives off light from the sides. The reflectors capture and point the light back at the plants.

Lighting Accessories

GTA Hydroponics carries a variety of grow lamp accessories, including the Sunblaster t5. Along with having a pretty great name, the Sunblaster t5 is also pretty great at providing optimal light reflection for your plants. Available in a range of sizes, the Sunblaster t5 is an excellent choice for both small and large plants.

GTA Hydroponics is committed to providing the best in lighting and lighting accessories for all our growers. With a range of cost points and sizes, we have lighting systems that are perfect for any operation. Browse our lighting section or contact our knowledgeable team to get expert advice on how to light up your hydroponic system!