HID Reflectors

Adjust-A-Wing reflector, Enforcer large, incl. socket, without cable


Adjust-A-Wing reflector, Enforcer small, incl. socket, without cable


Adjust-A-Wings Reflektor white Defender medium, without holder


Adjust-A-Wings Avenger L incl. Super Spreader and Hellion Double Ended-socket


Adjust-A-Wings Defender L with Hellion Double Ended-socket (incl. Super Spreader)


Adjust-A-Wings Defender small incl. socket & Spreader small


Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer L with Hellion Double Ended-socket (incl. Super Spreader)


Adjust-A-Wings reflector Avenger large, incl. socket, without cable


Adjust-A-Wings reflector Avenger medium, incl. socket, without cable


Commonly used to light large areas, high intensity discharge (HID) light reflectors give off some of the strongest light. While special consideration for ventilation must be addressed, HID reflectors have a host of benefits for large systems. A few things to understand about HID lighting and how HID lighting reflectors work:

  • This type of grow light is used commonly for lighting large areas and have a very high light output
  • HID lamps give off the strongest light from their sides
  • Because of how big the lights often are, they get hot very easily, requiring the hydroponic garden that utilizes this lighting to have proper ventilation
  • HID lamps give off the strongest light from their sides, which often results in light energy going off to the sides rather than the plant

Role of Light Reflectors

Since HID grow lights often shine their light at the walls rather than the plants, HID lighting reflectors serve as horizontal shields to ensure lighting is getting back to the plant. Utilizing HID light reflectors ensures that light is trapped and sent back to the plant. However, a downside to this is that the lamps burn out more quickly due to the heat trapped around them. Despite the downside, modern HID lighting reflectors have proven to be effective in open and accessible locations because of how well they trap the light to affect only the plant inside the lighting reflectors.

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