Hydroponic plants are just like outdoor plants in that they require light for a majority of their day in order to grow. Since sunlight is not the ideal lighting accessory for hydroponic plants, you have to choose the right type of indoor grow lamp for your plants. There are a variety of grow lamps in the market that have different advantages and disadvantages. Highlights of each type of GTA Hydroponics lamp includes:


LED’s are new technology and are often a cost-saving option for hydroponic gardens. These indoor grow lamps last longer and use less electricity, along with providing a very specific light spectrum that is ideal for your plants.


HID lights are more commonly used for lighting large areas and have a very high light output. These lights have a special bulb in conjunction with a ballast (with the electronic ballast being a better option with more control options). However, this type of grow lamp produces a large amount of heat, so your garden must have extra ventilation and a high reflector height to offset that excess warmth.


These are a great choice for hydroponic gardens because they have a wide light spectrum (allowing for a wider range of growth). This type of grow lamp is ideal for smaller plants due to its compact power and the fact that they don’t require a ballast or complicated wiring, which allows them to take up less space and fit better with lower plants.

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