LED Lights

SANlight extension wire FLEX IP68, 1m


SANlight Flex10 Horticultural LED Luminaire


SANlight Plug/mains adaptor 60W 48V, SGA60


SANlight Plug/mains adaptor 25W 48V, GST25


SANlight Flex20 Horticultural LED Luminaire


SANlight C KLB Clamping Brackets for Aluminium Rail


SANlight C100 Aluminum Rail 430 mm


SANlight C74 Aluminum Rail 740 mm


SANlight C43 Aluminum Rail 430 mm


LED lighting is one of several attractive alternatives to actual sunlight, which is necessary for plants but not convenient. GTA Hydroponics offers a selection of LED grow lights Canada growers can depend on to maximize growth.  While a recent addition to lighting, LED grow lights are gaining in popularity and have several advantages over many of the other lighting accessories in the market, including:

  • LED plant lights produce great light yields while staying cool and using a reasonable amount of electricity
  • There is a wider spectrum of light available, resulting in greener and healthier plants
  • Newer LED grow lights have specialized lenses to point light directly to the plants, increasing penetration, resulting in more growth
  • While slightly more expensive, LED plant lights are easier to use, with no exhaust system or ducting necessary; You just hang the LED grow light over your plant, and let the lights do the rest
  • These lights are of a higher quality than other lights and prove that with the resulting plants that you will grow

Interestingly, while popular, LED grow lights in Canada have had a difficult time getting a variety of products in the market. So far, only one type of LED plant light has been approved for sale, despite the proven advantages of this type of grow lighting. GTA Hydroponics, as part of our commitment to bringing you the best and most innovative supplies, carries this lighting along with many others.  Contact our experts to see which lighting type is right for your garden!