Lighting Accessories

Add-a-lamp, simple construction to hang an additional lamp to the lightrail


Drive wheel kit, replacement for the large central drive wheel kit


Easy Roll 2.0, 3 pcs. in blister, to variably position lamps, loadable up to 12 KG


Easy Roll 2.0, single, to variably position lamps, loadable up to 10 KG


Easy Roll Set, incl. screw set, to variably position lamps, loadable up to 10 KG, 2 pcs.


INTELI-DRIVE Motor for Lightrail 3.5 and 4.0


Jojo Suspension Role to support top heavy plants


Lighthanger, Designed to attach and hang reflectors, filters etc. 2 per pack, up to 34 kg each


Lighthanger, for hanging reflectores, up to 5 Kg, 2 units


Hydroponic plants are just like outdoor plants in that they require light for a majority of their day in order to grow. Since sunlight is not the ideal lighting accessory for hydroponic plants, you have to choose the right type of indoor grow light for your plants. One of the most important supplies you can purchase for your hydroponic garden is the SunBlaster t5.

Facts and Stats About the SunBlaster t5

The SunBlaster has been at the forefront of indoor plant growth for decades, and has a fluorescent strip light that can be mounted anywhere to provide your plants with light. This lighting accessory was designed with Nanotechnology to produce the ultimate reflective surface, increasing the amount of light that is produced for your plants.

There are a variety of Sunblaster t5 sizes, and the smaller ones can be placed as close as 1” to 2” above the plant to maximize growth response. These lighting accessories often provide 50% in energy savings compared to standard fluorescent lights. The SunBlaster t5 can be utilized vertically and horizontally, providing flexibility when placing it in your hydroponic garden. Additionally, all SunBlaster t5s are driven at optimum temperature, lowering heat production and extending lamp life.

Additional Hydroponic Lighting Accessories

GTA Hydroponics carries everything necessary to create a successful hydroponic garden with ideal plant size. Whether you need smaller accessories for a personal, starter system or large, industrial level accessories, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

We provide a variety of lighting accessories for growers based on plant size, system size and other factors. If you have any questions or concerns about the kind of lighting accessories you need, contact our knowledgeable staff today. We have expert growers ready and able to provide advice to new and experienced hydroponic customers.