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Hydroponic grow light kits can provide you with a simple and all-encompassing method to grow your garden without worrying about equipment separately. A few things to note about indoor grow lights:

  • Hydroponic gardens require 14-16 hours of bright artificial light daily
  • Grow lights not only stimulate this artificial light, but also have timers to create a routine
  • Different types of plants require different types of indoor grow lights
  • Our hydroponic grow light kits typically include the light ballasts, bulbs, conversion lamps, and timer
  • Without the proper lighting system, plants will never reach the maximum growth potential
  • The different types of grow lights that are viable are: Light Emitting Diodes (LED), High Intensity Discharge (HID), and Fluorescent


LED’s are new technology and are often a cost-saving option for hydroponic gardens. These indoor grow lights last longer and use less electricity, along with providing a very specific light spectrum that is ideal for your plants. These grow lights tend to be more expensive.


HID lights are more commonly used for lighting large areas and have a very high light output. These lights have a special bulb in conjunction with a ballast (with the electronic ballast being a better option). However, these lights produce a large amount of heat, so your garden must have extra ventilation and high reflector height.


These are a great choice for hydroponic gardens because they have a wide range of spectrum (allowing for a wider range of growth). These are ideal for smaller plants due to its power and the fact that they don’t require any ballast or fancy wiring.

GTA Hydroponics is committed to providing the best in hydroponic grow light kit to help your hydroponic garden succeed. Call us today for expert lighting advice!