EC Measuring Devices

Milwaukee Sharp EC-Tester


bluelab EC Calibration Solution, EC 2.77, 20 ml


Milwaukee Smart EC-Tester


bluelab EC Calibration Solution, EC 2,77, 250 ml


HM Digital Combo Meter, EC/TDS/Temp-Meter, Hydro Tester, EC measuring range: 0 – 9999 µS


HM Digital EC/TDS/Temp Combo Waterproof Meter, Professional Line, EC Measuring range: 0 – 9990 µS


HM Digital Upscale Consumer EC/Temp-Meter, measuring range: 0 – 9990 µS, resolution: 0,1 µS, 0,1 °C


HM Digital Handheld, EC/Temp-Meter, with case, measuring range: 0 – 9990 µS, resolution: 0,1 µS


bluelab EC Cleaning and Calibration Set


Electrical Conductivity meter (also known as EC meter) in plants is a measure of total dissolved salts in a solution. This is important to know to measure a plant’s ability to absorb water. A few things to note about the importance of EC measuring instruments in hydroponic growth:

  • EC meters monitor the salinity of the plant and a meaningful indicator of water quality soil salinity and fertilizer concentration
  • EC measuring instruments that look at the total dissolved solids (TDS) are measured in parts per million (ppm)
  • The ppm of hydroponic plants changes between the various stages of their growth
  • Imbalances can lead to nutrient deficiencies, and the inability of the plant to absorb water and nutrients
  • The temperature of plants is also vital when looking at the EC because elevated temperatures can lead to an increased risk of root disease

Professional Quality EC Measuring Tools

GTA Hydroponics strives to provide a selection of EC measuring devices that will benefit growers at all levels to get the maximum benefits for your plants. These EC measuring instruments are paramount in hydroponics because if there is no access to pure water for your plants, your plants will not have the necessary means to strengthen their roots and “digest” nutrients easily. With a variety of products for different growers’ needs, we have ones that measure temperature, the EC, TDS, and even ones that measure a combination of those, including pH! This gives you superior control over your plants, their potency and their health.

For more information on EC measuring tools and instruments, shop our site or contact GTA Hydroponics today. We not only sell hydroponic supplies, we’re experts in what is needed for optimal growth, including water and nutrient needs for your plants. Let’s start growing together today!