A staple part of the hydroponic growth is ensuring that the plant has the ideal environment in which they can successfully survive. One measure of this is the humidity in your hydroponic garden. An essential tool to measure the humidity level in your hydroponic garden is a hygrometer. A few facts about this measuring device:

  • Hygrometers measure humidity levels both inside and outside of your garden
  • Most modern ones utilize analog sensors to detect the moisture levels in the air, making it easy to read the display on a digital gauge
  • Often, hygrometers provide up-to-the-minute readings that are accurate
  • Since temperature requirements in hydroponic gardens are so specific, these measuring devices are an essential tool to supplement those readings
  • When you grow lights are on, the humidity level in your hydroponic garden should be in the 40-75% range
  • Ventilation fans, along with these measuring devices, are essential to dehumidify the air and prevent condensation on your plants (which can lead to fungus issues)

Since hydroponic gardens do not have the natural balance that is present in outdoor gardens, the proper ventilation is essential to keep your plants alive. Measuring devices such as the hygrometer can regulate the humidity of a room by letting you know when something needs to change. As a hydroponic garden grower, these measuring devices can be the difference between your plants’ failure and success, so it is important to understand how to measure things like the humidity level, as well as how to mitigate any issues.

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