Light Meter

Light meters are an essential tool to ensure that your plants are getting the right amount of lighting. Just as a plant outside that receives sunlight, hydroponic plants require light to grow and produce vegetation. A light meter ensures this essential function. A few things to note about the importance of light meters in hydroponic growth:

Light Meter Facts

  • Light meters have to be held perfectly perpendicular to the light source in order to make an accurate reading
  • Different plants grow better under different color spectrums
  • The square foot area of a garden also affects the wattage of lights needed
  • A light meter is essential for delicate plants that cannot withstand direct sunlight and need to be in grow rooms
  • Having the ideal light can reduce the chance of diseases
  • For hydroponic plants, light meters can measure if temperature changes are occurring and affecting plant growth

Light meters are principally important in hydroponics because every plant has a different sensitivity to light and temperature, and light meters can capture both pieces of information for you to make the best decision for your plant’s growth. We carry a wide range of lighting and light meters to meet your growing needs for optimal health and yield.

Combine our light meter devices with our expert grow lights to optimize the amount of control you have over your plants. With proper light monitoring you can expert better yields and healthier plants overall.

Let us help you light the way to better hydroponic crops with our professional quality light meters and devices. GTA Hydroponics’ experts are here to provide expert advice, recommendations and installation tips for each grower’s needs. Shop our site or contact us with any and all questions.