Find information about our changing and expanding discounts to help make your indoor growing even more cost-effective. GTA Hydroponics is committed to offering the best products at reasonable prices with special sales to sweeten each deal. We also help you market your crops with a variety of tools and advertising materials.


Our rotating specials help to make growing more affordable while allowing you to upgrade with the best supplies and parts. Check back frequently to get deals all the things you need to make your hydroponic system a success while saving money!

Marketing Power

GTA Hydroponics helps boost your marketing power in a variety of ways. We not only make it possible for you to grow the best plants, we help lend your operation trusted credibility. Our reputation as a superior hydroponic supplier with high-quality systems, allows you to offer your customers better guarantees and high-grade products. Up your marketing power with us by:

  • Advertise High-Grade Systems: If you’ve had any time in the growing field, you know there are plenty of disreputable suppliers and subpar growing systems. Use the GTA Hydroponics name and commitment to quality to boost your credibility and appeal with new and returning customers.
  • Catalogues and Cards: Browse our catalogue and card offerings to help further advertise your hydroponic wares and learn more about what we do.
  • Easily Find Relevant Articles: Browse our catalogues with easy navigation options to find information on products and best growing practices.

Ready to learn more about what GTA Hydroponics market power and special deals could mean for you? Browse our sales here or contact us to speak with a knowledgeable GTA representative. Many of our employees have personal experience with growing and are always happy to help get you the best products for your needs!