Make processing your hydroponic crops easier than ever with GTA Hydroponics’ full range of harvesting systems, extractors and more. While growing is a major part of the time commitments of indoor cultivation, processing can be just as consuming. Ensuring you have an adequate processing set-up will make your work easier and prevent you from losing product.

Harvesting systems

GTA Hydroponics carries everything you need to successfully harvest product without bruising or damaging plants. This includes trimming machines for large crops and premium clipping shears made of stainless steel.


Our advanced extractor bags make optimal finishing and processing easy. We take care to stock only the best extractor bags that are designed to hold up for many uses without breaking down or causing loss of product. Choose from multiple sizes and value packs to suit your processing needs.


Press and preserve delicate plants for drying with our premium presses. Shop our complete drying systems, additional screens and replacement parts.

Dry Nets

Having proper drying nets and methods in place is an integral part of ensuring your good crop doesn’t go bad in the final stages. Our breathable mesh nets make sure this doesn’t happen, allowing optimal circulation to prevent fungus and rotting. Multiple sizes and layers allow you to customize your drying system for even dehydration. Walls around each layer of our drying nets allows you to move the system without worrying about losing product.

Not sure what you need for your processing? GTA Hydroponics is here to help you get the most from your crop yield with processing kits, equipment, drying systems and more. Use one or more of our professional-quality processing products to ensure you never lose product, can supply optimal quality and get consistent results for yourself and for customers. Shop our site or contact us for expert advice, recommendations and more. Our team has personal experience with indoor growing to serve you better!