Make the most of your crop and processing time with airtight container systems, specialty plastic bags and other storage components. GTA Hydroponics knows what it takes to preserve your plants and we make it a priority to only sell the best storage containers, pouches and bags. Proper storage can mean the difference between maximizing your full crop and losing product to leaking, inferior vessels.

Why Proper Cannabis Storage is Important

Just like with any perishable product, your dried plants require proper storage to maintain quality. When air and light are allowed to infiltrate your product, you’ll see a decrease in scent, flavor and, most importantly, potency. Improper storage can easily take a high-grade crop and reduce it to inferior quality quickly. Avoid this by shopping these premium storage products:

Airtight Container Options

GTA Hydroponics offers a range of airtight container options to suit the size of your crops while ensuring there is a snug fit to promote freshness.  We also offer several lid types with locking mechanisms and superior sealing technology.

Tobacco Pouch

Specially designed to keep small amounts of product fresh, our tobacco pouch offerings come in a variety of styles. Choose from zippered, roll-up and others with unique designs and features.

Plastic Bags

our plastic bags, including ironing bags and small sachets, make for convenient, space saving storage. Use or sachets for small orders or cut and customize our ironing bags, which are designed to be resealed with heat.

Let GTA Hydroponics help you preserve and optimize your crops with all of our processing, drying and storage products. Our selection of professional-quality equipment allows you to take products from initial seeds right up to fully processed and packed product. Shop our site for all of these items and more or contact us to get expert advice!