At GTA Hydroponics, we’re committed to providing the best in growing systems for both our professional and novice growers. To do this, we stock supplies and equipment for a variety of system types and components including:

Breeding Stations

Our selection of breeding stations allow for an ideal environment for your plants to attain stable, uniform growth. Each station includes all necessary elements for growth including: LED Lights, Mylar sheeting, ventilation, locking doors and multiple chambers.

Aeroponic Systems

Aeroponic systems, unlike hydroponic systems, have exposed roots without a growing medium. Spraying nutrients onto the roots allows for maximum absorption while conserving water.

Hydroponic systems

What we’re known for! Our Hydroponic systems provide everything you need for successful indoor growing in a variety of mediums.  Hydroponic growing allows for a more energy and water efficient way to produce plants over traditional growing methods.

System Accessories

We offer a variety of hydroponic system accessories including: dehumidifiers, water filtration, water storage tanks, and nutrient pumps and syringes. These accessories allow you to customize your system and attain the best results.

Irrigation systems

GTA Hydroponics offers both main types of irrigation systems: recirculating and drain to waste systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but both are best when used with a high-quality water purification system.

Water purification

To increase the benefits of irrigation, we offer professional water purification and filtration accessories for your systems.  Our water treatment accessories include measuring devices and other tools to ensure you have the cleanest, pollutant-free water available to get the best plant growth.

GTA Hydroponics is dedicated to providing the best in all system types and accessories for our growers. Our expert staff is available to answer questions and give recommendations based on your grow space and crop yield needs. Contact us to get started on a better growing experience and premium plant production.