Aeroponic Systems

growDECK 1.0 and growTABLE 1.0 incl. irrigation, shipping box 102 x 104 x 15 cm


growDECK 1.0 with growTABLE 1.0


growDECK 1.0 incl. irrigation and pump without TABLE, RACK and TANK


growDECK 1.2 incl. irrigation and pump without TABLE, RACK and drainage TANK


AeroFlo56, delivered with Flora Series, 1 L


RainForest72 for 72 seedlings


AeroFlo60, for 3 m², 325 x 100 x 56 cm, delivered with Flora Series, 1 L


growDECK AEROPONIC 0.8 Extension set


growDECK DUMA and growTABLE DUMA incl. irrigation, shipping box 107 x 84 x 14 cm


In contrast to a hydroponic system, which uses added nutrients in the growing medium, an aeroponic system does not use a growing medium. GTA Hydroponics provides customers across Canada the option of choosing from multiple aeroponic gardening systems.

Aeroponics vs. Hydroponics

In an aeroponic system, plants are suspended while nutrients are sprayed onto the roots. Hydroponic systems usually have plants growing in sand, gravel, or liquid that is enhanced with added nutrients and minerals.

Advantages of Aeroponics

  1. Maximum Nutrients: Since the roots are suspended and exposed, the plants receive maximum nutrient absorption, leading to plants that are healthier, more robust, and faster growing.
  2. Less Water Usage: An aeroponic system uses far less water than their hydroponic counterparts.
  3. Simpler Harvesting: The ease of access to the plants means any harvesting is a simple and easy procedure. In addition, plants usually have bigger roots and produce larger fruit crops.

Disadvantages of Aeroponics

  1. Costly: The systems are usually complex and have many different parts, making them somewhat more expensive to build and maintain. For example, sprinkler heads usually have to be replaced often due to clogging from dissolved minerals in the nutrients.
  2. Harder to Maintain: If there is not a steady supply of electricity, it could spell disaster for the system and the plants. Since the roots are exposed, it is vitally important to maintain a regular and regimented watering cycle, and any interruption could lead to a quick death for the plants.

Growing Your Plants

All of the aeroponic gardening systems at GTA Hydroponics will foster healthy and rapid plant growth at an affordable price. Since the dedication and attention to detail which is required can sometimes be hard for beginners to understand, our staff are ready to answer questions and provide expert advice to help you find the perfect system.