Irrigation Systems

PE tube, 16 mm, sold by the metre


Thread Connector, female, brass, 1′ inch


Brass union, female thread, ¾’ inch


T-Piece, 20 mm to 3/4 inch female thread to 20 mm, bolted


Elbow, 25 mm to 3/4′ female thread, bolted


PE coupling, 16 to 16 mm, bolted


Elbow Coupling, 1 1/4′ + 3/4′ ext. thread, fits all D.A.B. NOVA-Pumps


Hose clamp for 28 – 40 mm, 100 units


Shut-off valve ¾“ (Ext.Thread) / 3/4“ (Ext.Thread)


There are two different types of irrigation systems, a recirculating system, and a drain to waste system. In a recirculating system, water is recirculated again and again after it is drained. In a drain to waste system, water is simply drained away after being applied to the plants. GTA Hydroponics offers a variety of irrigation accessories and systems.

Recirculating Systems

Since the water is constantly being passed over the plants, recirculating irrigation systems provide a much higher rate of nutrient absorption and exposure. However, the risk for plant fungal, bacterial or viral pathogens are greatly enhanced, since the nutrient solution is constantly being reapplied.

Drain to Waste Systems

The risk for a root disease is low because the water is immediately drained away after passing through the plants once. A consistent stream of fresh water means the plant’s natural defenses are able to remain sound, and any nutrients in the water are not going to have any sort of chemical modification by the plant’s biological activity. However, in is necessary to consistently flush out the solution to prevent precipitate buildup.

System Considerations

Both irrigation systems can be useful depending on the circumstances, but it is important to only use the highest quality water available. An investment in a quality water filtration system would be a prudent move in order to ensure that clean water is running through your plants.

Irrigation Accessories

Some irrigation supplies, like drain and fill risers, float valves, and multi flow bubblers are good equipment to use if you are looking to enhance a current irrigation system. Irrigation supplies are particularly useful if you are looking to build irrigation systems from scratch, especially if you have a large amount of plants in your growing operation.

Giving Your Plants the Nutrients They Need

No matter if you have a recirculating or a drain to waste system, GTA Hydroponics has you covered. Our website is full of irrigation supplies, all at an affordable cost.