System Accessories

Aquasystem container bucket


growDECK 1.0 – Irrigation parts set


growPUMP for growDECK DUMA


growDECK DUMA, 80 x 105 cm, shipping box 102 x 82 x 6 cm


Top Plate for Ebb & Flood-System 102913


Threaded plug for rectangular tube, polyamide, black, with steel thread


Top Plate for Gro-Tank-System 102901, 101 x 48.5 cm


Aquasystem water level indicator with knee piece


growRACK with DUMA Table, 79 x 103.5 cm


In order to keep your hydroponic system running at its peak, accessories can be used in order to optimize plant growth and the overall environment, and make your job as the grower easier. If you are looking for hydroponic system accessories, GTA Hydroponics offers a diverse range of options.

Different System Accessories

Depending on your situation and the plants you are growing, different accessories can enhance the yields of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, and overall help speed up growth rates. Some accessories to think about as part of your hydroponic operation include

  • Water Storage Tanks: Some systems, like the Deepwater Culture, rely on a reservoir to facilitate water and nutrients to the plants.  Storage tanks and reservoirs can make for an easy way to ensure the plants are getting the nutrients they need without added stress on your part.
  • Dehumidifiers: It is important to maintain a consistent and stable growing environment in order to get the best possible plants. Fluctuations in humidity can drastically affect plant life. A quality dehumidifier can cut down on changes in humidity and ensure a healthy growing environment for plants.
  • Water Filtration: Plants need water to survive, but some water has armful chemicals and minerals which can inhibit growth. A good water purification filter can remove chlorine, sodium, and other dissolved substances that could prevent necessary nutrients from reaching plant roots.
  • Nutrient Pumps & Syringes: In order to ensure the right amount of nutrients are getting to your plants, consider investing in a pump or measuring syringe, which is a quick and accurate way to feed plants.

Customizing Your Hydroponic System

Check out the whole GTA Hydroponics site for a wide range of useful hydroponic accessories. From measuring cups, to water filters, the ability to ensure a high quality growing operation is right at your fingertips.