Your indoor plants need fresh air just as much as traditionally grown plants and you can achieve this with professional-quality ventilation from GTA Hydroponics. We carry everything you require to give your plants the best growing environment while reducing odors, sound and pollutants. Make superior growth and ventilation possible with our selection of:

Inline Fan Options

Fans help to regulate heat in the room caused by lighting and maintain proper levels of CO2, which plants need to convert energy.  Fans are also helpful in keeping humidity at an ideal level. Combine an inline fan and exhaust fan to regulate moisture and temperature. We also offer oscillating fans to help with air flow.

Sound absorbers

While fans serve up tremendous benefits, they offer one downside: noise. This is where quality sound absorbers come in to ensure your grow system stays productive without disturbing you or bothering neighbors. We offer several options in sound absorbers, depending on the size of your fans and grow room.

Air filters

There are several types of air filters and they all work to create cleaner air that is healthier for your plants and for you. Air ionizers are one of the most popular with HEPA filters and Carbon air filters rounding out the list.  The size of your grow room and your budget will determine which of these makes the most sense for your system.

Ventilation parts

We carry all the ventilation parts necessary to create a successful system. Whether you need to start from scratch or just need a replacement piece, GTA Hydroponics can help you maintain your system in the easiest and most-effective manner.

Shop all our ventilation options to create a system that is perfect for your growing needs. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer questions and ensure you get the right parts to maximize growth. Contact us with all questions about proper ventilation!