Air Filters

CarbonActive EC Digital Speed Controller


Pre-Filter for CarbonActive ProLine 2000 m³/h (Art.No. 102009)


CarbonActive active carbon filter ProLine 1000 m³/h, ø 430 mm, H = 280 mm, ø 250 mm connection


CarbonActive active carbon filter HomeLine 400 m³/h, ø 190 mm, H=330 mm, ø 100 mm connection


CarbonActive active carbon filter ProLine 1500m³/h, ø 430 mm, H = 420 mm, ø 250 mm connection


CarbonActive active carbon filter HomeLine 500 m³/h, ø 275 mm, H=280 mm, ø 160 mm connection


CarbonActive active carbon filter ProLine 3000 m³/h, ø 500 mm, H = 600 mm, ø 315 mm connection


Pollen Filter 250


Replacement Fleece Filter for 101945


Having healthy, fresh air circulating in a grow room is vital for plant growth.  To keep your plants and hydroponics system healthy, GTA Hydroponics offers a range of exciting and unique air filters to clean and freshen the air in your grow room.

Types of Air Filters

There are different kinds of air filters depending on the application, including

Air Ionizers

Most commercial air filters and smoke eaters fall under this category. These purify the air by creating anions that attract harmful airborne molecules, like dust, bacteria and other contaminants, bonding with them to create denser materials that could not float in the air, making them easy to be vacuumed or swept away. These are typically found in homes, offices and medical facilities because they are beneficial for a wide range of applications, not just grow rooms.

HEPA Filters

A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is, as its name suggests, even more efficient than an air ionizer. It is able to purify the air from particles that have a very small 0.3-micron diameter.  This is extremely useful in trapping spores, fungi, pollen, and various allergens. Whether you use this or a HEPA will depend on your budget, room size and other factors.

Carbon Air Filters

Carbon filters are the most commonly used air filters in indoor hydroponic ecosystems and for good reason. These filters can be installed on both exhaust and intake fans and come with activated charcoal that traps volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemical, odor-causing gases come from fertilizers and the plants themselves. Charcoal in the filter attracts these particles and gives them a space to go instead of floating around the air causing odors; this is called carbon scrubbing.

Maintaining Carbon Air Filter

Replacing the filter is an integral part of maintaining your carbon system and you can extend the life of your system with pre-filters, which block the largest particles. GTA Hydroponics is your one-stop-shop for carbon air filters and maintenance. We carry both filter styles and everything else you need to maintain your system!

Keeping Your Air Up To 99% Clean

All of GTA Hydroponics air filters have the ability to remove between 95%-99% of airborne contaminants associated with growing systems. To maximize this percentage, we recommend choosing more than one air filter or smoke eater, especially with larger systems.

Ready to get the cleanest air possible for you and your plants? Browse the GTA Hydroponics site for even more options or contact us for expert advice on your system type.