CarbonActive PowerBox 750m3/h ø160 700Pa


ISO-Box 250


Ventilator fan box with centrifugal fan, soundproof, metal, 400 m³/h, 115 W


IN-Line Fan, 600 m³/h, 160 mm, stainless steel


IN-Line Fan, 1100 m³/h, 250 mm, stainless steel


IN-Line Fan, 760 m³/h, 160 mm, stainless steel


IN-Line Fan, 700 m³/h, 150 mm, stainless steel


Hurricane Clip Fan


Mounting bracket for IN-Line Fans


GTA Hydroponics offers top-notch ventilation solutions to hydroponics enthusiasts and hobbyists. Ventilation is an important component in having an efficient grow room. If proper ventilation is neglected, the plants cannot grow as expected, or worse, wither and die. Fans will ensure that the plants grow fast and healthy by regulating the following:

  1. Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. It is common knowledge that plants take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and give off oxygen (O2).  This process, when plants convert energy taken from light to produce sugar and other nutrients needed for growth and development, is called photosynthesis.  Given that oxygen is naturally much more abundant than carbon dioxide, and in a confined area where a number of plants are continuously growing, the amount of carbon dioxide can be depleted rather quickly if not enough fresh air is supplied.
    During the night time cycle when light is not available, plants respire and use oxygen to sustain itself. Having a well-ventilated ecosystem provided by fans is therefore important for the plants’ survival.
  1. The lighting installed in a grow area also generates heat. A significant amount of heat especially from high-wattage lamps could contribute to the plants’ expiration. Overheating could be prevented with lights spaced accordingly and with inline fan and exhaust fan that keep the air circulating freely within the room.
  2. Plants not only need water to survive but they also release water vapor in the air during a process called transpiration.  A raise in the relative humidity within the grow area is detrimental to plant growth therefore at least one inline fan (or input fan) and one exhaust fan are vital for regulating the temperature.

What Kinds of Fans are Essential for Hydroponics Ventilation?

There are basically three kinds of fans used to help manage a grow area’s ventilation.

  1. Exhaust fans. Inline exhaust fans are needed to displace the water vapor from the air so enough room for carbon dioxide and oxygen are available.
  2. Intake fans. Instead of simply using a vent where fresh new air comes in, it is advisable to use an inline fan to make sure that air is constantly coming in and to prolong the life of an installed exhaust fan.
  3. Oscillating fans. These types of fans will keep the air flowing in the area, helping lower the temperature and distribute incoming air while simulating a gentle breeze.

For more information about ventilation and our services, contact the GTA Hydroponics experts.