Ventilation Parts

Coupling Flange 100mm for Activated Charcoal Filter Economy


Grilles for wall mounting, with gravity louvres, ø 100 – 150 mm variable


Connector, metal, for ø 355 mm


Connector, metal, for ø 400 mm


T-Piece with three 150 mm connections


Connector Cuff, metal, for ø 400 mm


Crosspiece 110 mm


Connection, metal, for ø 400 mm


Pipe Support, 200 mm


Creating and maintaining an indoor hydroponic farm can be difficult if you are just starting out and are not familiar with what may be needed to help your intended crop survive and thrive.  Aside from researching the particular requirements of the plant species you want to grow, ventilation and the specific ventilation parts – what they do, how to install and maintain them, and their cost – must also be considered beforehand.

Consider this list of ventilation parts that can be found in a typical hydroponics system:

  1. Air Ducts. Air ducts provide a way for air to enter and be exhausted from the area.  Insulated air ducts are preferred to keep the noise down.
  2. Ventilation Fans. Intake, exhaust and oscillating fans keep the air moving inside the system, ensuring that oxygen and carbon dioxide are replenished, as well as keeping heat and humidity at desired levels.
  3. Air Filters. Carbon air filters help keep the air clean and purified from odor-causing vapors. Supplementary filters like ionizers and HEPA filters can also help in getting rid of fungi, molds and even bacteria.
  4. Duct Silencers and Duct Clamps. Sound-deadening neoprene rubber is used in your ventilation system to minimize noise generated by the fans and by the turbulence in the air ducts.
  5. Thermometers and Hygrometers. Thermometers measure the temperature of the room while hygrometers measure the humidity. While these instruments are available separately, modern digital versions that have combine both can be readily purchased.
  6. Fan Speed Controllers.  These allow fans to run at speeds at optimal levels, helping air to flow and be distributed while making sure that plants do not suffer from wind burn.
  7. Programmable Digital Timers. A nice option to fan speed controllers. However, these can be used not only for fans but also for lights and pumps.
  8. Digital Ballasts. Although these are more for lighting in that they help in prolonging lamp lifespans through voltage regulation, they can also be used indirectly to help ventilation by regulating lamps intensity thereby preventing excessive heat from harming the plants.

These are the basic parts you will need for a well-ventilated hydroponics grow area. Include these ventilation parts when you start building your hydroponics system for optimal growth.

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